Each piece from the Cody Jepson range is inspired from a previous classic undisputed style.  Standing on the shoulders of these timeless styles, Cody Jepson reworks & reassembles new leather goods proudly bringing them to you.  Designed & made in the UK

Inspired from the classic music bag.  Keeping the essence of its heritage, this classy bag harks back to the past using its simple, clean lines.  The inside has a black slim pocket for your phone etc. with raw brushed suede lining.  The strap and front flap is adjusted using steel Sam Brown fastenings.  Top music bar is clasped into place with contrasting black Horween leather.  All riveted into place.  Its final stamp of approval is the heat branded logo.

Price: £280.00


Premium Horween leather.  Heavy duty bonded nylon thread.  All stress points are reinforced back stitched.  Machine & hand sewn.

Cut & polishing done by the hand of its maker Cody Jepson.